Staying in style does not mean being uncomfortable. Both go hand in hand when put together with complimenting and sometimes even contrasting colours, fabrics as well as items. Let us see a few of kurtas with palazzos to get an idea!


Fabrics to wear:

Being warm alongside stylishness is really important when we speak about Indian ethnic dress sets for the winters. Fabrics such as velvets, fur and denim fulfil the purpose of the same. Such fabrics can be paired with anything to carry out the look that you wish to. Velvet kurta with palazzo with a pashmina shawl surely does the trick for starters.


Coat & Sweaters as Blouse:

Being stylish and looking beautiful is the first and foremost important thing for a woman during a wedding. The coat you put on could either be a part of the saree or lehenga or even a Long slit dress that you plan to put on or it could be a mix and match which could be put together as an outfit. But the cold! Slay the look with the warmth in you. Having heavy overcoats or even sweaters on ethnic sarees to keep you warm carries out a style of its own. 



Jackets to the Rescue:

A Simple denim jacket as an overcoat or a sweater and blouses below your pallu. It gives you a look of traditional and a smooth blend of trendy. Confuse your audience with the unique outfit that you would be slaying. Be it either a wedding or ordinary day in your work life. Sweater it up and watch the eyes on the trend set by you! PS: Try it out with a chikankari kurti


Who said jackets can be slayed only with shirts and T-shirts? Put on a denim jacket on a long or short kurti with palazzo or just jeans along with sneakers or jhuttis and watch how you set yourself a fancy outfit! Create a Indian Fusion Dress of your own. To top it up, add a pair of jhumkas or just small studs and complete the look!


Cross Colour:

Cross-colour outfits is the most basic way an individual chooses to dress up. However, its easier to do in summers as the colours you have to choose are numerous. But, when it comes to the winters, your options in colours get limited and you need to get creative and experimentive in this aspect.  For instance, you could always mix and match white and black, but you can also go for browns on either whites, backs or even burgundy and yellows. If you still like to play it safe in this context, you could always opt for the most simple and trendiest combination of black and pastels which can be used in any type of event or meeting that you have to attend or have to slay in!

Winter knocking on your door brings along multiple opportunities for experimenting and being innovative with your outfits with being warm and comfortable, whether it be clothes, shoes or even accessorising with beanies or jewellery. The mix of dark colours along with colours of your choice shall bring out the grace and winsomeness of yours!



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