The wedding lehenga is always the first order of the bridal fashion business, regardless of your style — classic, glamorous, or contemporary. However, saying "yes" to the lehenga is far from the only requirement for a modern bride. A wedding's many events, such as the Engagement party, Mehendi, and Haldi, necessitate distinctive clothing and look. It's enough to make a bride's head spin, but a bridal dress checklist can help you navigate your shopping, whether you're planning a large wedding or a small one.

For Getting Ready: Go Easy with Floral Robes

While some brides begin their wedding day with a meditation, workout, or brunch with their bridal tribe, the getting-ready look is the first official attire. Comfort wear in between the wedding functions, quick runs to parlor, or any other wedding errands is what most bride-to-be’s forget about. A floral or other print robe, pyjama suit, or even chikankari kurti is attractive enough for images yet functional during wedding hair and makeup sessions that photographers love to capture. Specialty accents, such as a touch of feathers on her slippers or some interesting fringe on her robe, can add to the enjoyment.



For Pool Parties: Easy Breezy with Off Shoulder Style

Pool parties have become increasingly popular in recent years, as brides and grooms want their guests to engage in the fun before the formal events begin. If you're throwing a pool party, whether it's for sundowners or cocktails soirée, we recommend wearing attire that's inspired by your venue or wedding theme. Is this a destination wedding? When you're at the poolside or by the beach, go for an off-the-shoulder dress or a cowl dress that will look effortless.

Off Shoulder Indian Dresses


For the Mehendi: Amp up with the Jacket Style

A Mehendi, whether casual in a family home or formal at a hotel or restaurant, is often the first event of a wedding extravaganza. Keep it relaxed and informal in a chanderi silk, cotton jacket, or cape set while you revisit the new recollections from the major occasion. We also recommend comfy shoes like flats or jhootis because you know your feet will tear up the dance floor for the engagement party the next day!





For the Engagement Party: Flaunt your flair with A-line Style

The pinnacle of fun of any bridal wardrobe is an engagement party look, which allows brides to show off their flair. Choose a long dress that echoes the aesthetic for brides who already have a definite notion in mind. You can choose the trendiest of all - an A-line dress or an ethnic gown for the engagement party if you have already chosen a traditional lehenga or saree on your wedding day. It establishes the tone of your aesthetic - that stands out differently.


Golden Evening Dresses



For the Haldi: Twist it with a Dhoti Style

The Haldi dress worn on the wedding day is a popular choice among modern brides. The lehenga may be one of the most comfy Indian outfits but you can prevent seeming too basic in it by adding a cape to it while emphasizing festive elements such as sequins, beading, and shell danglers to the cape. When fully dipped in Haldi, such garments are easy to carry and walk around in.

 Jacket Evening Dresses


For the Wedding: Be the Queen in the Lehenga Saree Style

A Lehenga Saree is the most stylish evening dresses! It's completely unique, yet the likelihood of a lehenga Saree has been promoted. It's a beautiful blend of saree pallu with flared lehenga. It is one of the most distinctive Indian Wedding Guest Dresses that you can wear to a wedding or reception. It's also known as a draped lehenga because it doesn't have the traditional flowing skirt shape.

A draped lehenga is pleated or folded in such a way that it becomes compact while maintaining the appearance of formal wear. Draped lehengas are, of course, easy to carry, and they're usually made of lightweight fabrics because it's difficult to drape and sew together heavier or decorated textiles. This summer wedding season, you may simply make a statement appearance by investing in a draped lehenga.


White Bridal Lehengas

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